is there a solution to black peoples' suffering?

YES THERE IS! Hidden African ancestral information about black peoples' true identity holds the answers for problems, most black people are currently experiencing. Click here to Read More. 

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No History

There are ancestral secrets about you as a black person you need to know about. This information is critical and holds the answer to black peoples' suffering around the world. However, because of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, which caused our people to be spread round the world, it is difficult to get our people to hear or learn about these ancestral secrets. This website has been created to address this difficulty and acts as the portal to spread the message to our brothers and sisters around the globe.

 For many years now, black people desirous of knowing their roots have been disappointed at the scant information about their origins. In the Americas and the Caribbean, black history that is readily available usually goes back to the time of slavery. After that there is nothing! In desperation to know our roots, many turned to speculation to fill in the gaps. Meanwhile, others wrote accounts that are nothing short of pure fiction and called it black or African history. In addition, most have sought refuge in the history of ancient Egypt. However, because ancient Egypt was in North East Africa, it does not tell what went on in the rest of Africa. Furthermore, focusing on ancient Egypt in North Africa, is not going to reveal the secrets we need to know about ourselves if our ancestors came from West Africa. As you are about to find out upon reading this book, ignoring our known ancestry in West Africa and concentrating on Ancient Egypt has cost us dearly. Because we have been focusing on the wrong places, we suffer needlessly. The answers to end black peoples' suffering is right under our noses. Our known ancestry in West Africa has all the information we need to recover as black people.

An African Story

In Africa, the situation is no different. The fortunate ones are blessed with oral history of their origins. However, due to war and displacement, many lost knowledge of their history and thus cannot tell with any certainty, their origins. To give you an example: Did you know the name Yoruba is a recent name and is less than 200 years old? Nevertheless, millions of West Africans are Yoruba, and because it is a new name, most Yoruba people cannot trace their history beyond the date of the creation of the name Yoruba. Their history is thus only 200 years old. Anything beyond that is a mystery.

This booklet addresses the void in black history by telling the story of a large section of sub-Sahara Africans, including the Yoruba. It tells you of people who have a similar glorious past that rivals that of ancient Egypt. These also originated from ancient Egypt but the difference is theirs is a trail of documented evidence that shows their time in ancient Egypt and how they came to settle in other parts of Africa, south of the Sahara, thousands of years ago. These people used to live in ancient Egypt but currently; they are spread all over Africa. It is the descendants of these that were later sold into slavery across the Atlantic. Thus, this book is the history of not only people in Africa but is the story of the African-American, and of black people in South America and the Caribbean. 


Black History

If you ever wanted proof that black people of Sub-Sahara Africa used to be part of ancient Egypt. This book has all the proof you will ever need. It will give you substantial facts that are backed up by oral tradition of African ancestors, and their story is backed up in turn by archaeological evidence.

An African prince of the former Slave Coast, where most of the Slaves taken to the Americas originated from, wrote this book and the three volumes it is derived from. He tells the story of the black man going back 6000 years. There is not a single bit of speculation or fiction in this book. Every page is filled with facts that are easily verified.

This is a book that is filled with knowledge. It is the missing piece of the puzzle as to who we are as black people. Most important, it contains the vital information about black peoples’ suffering around the world and what we must do to end the suffering and restore black people to their former glory. If you are truly interested in knowing about our past and learn the lessons necessary to end the suffering of black people around the world, don’t delay; order your copy now. I guarantee you, this will be the most profitable $5 you would have spent in a long time. 


Hey kunta kinte!
Don't forget your roots


Mawuvi's Blog

  • African Ancestry DNA Fraud
    10 Jan
    Written by Mawuli in Mawuli's Blog

    Can Black People in the Americas Trace Their African Roots Through DNA?

    Using DNA to trace African ancestry is very popular among Caribbean and African-Americans wishing to trace their roots to Africa. Unfortunately, what these don't know is this scientific tool has severe limitations. The truth is, DNA testing cannot tell precisely which people in Africa those ancestors on the slave ships came from. Sadly, very few know this truth. Taking advantage of society's ignorance, unscrupulous people have set themselves up as DNA merchants and dupe those using this scientific tool to search for their African ancestry. Take a look at the following video. It may look quiet innocuous. However, see if you can spot the fraud DNA merchants perpetuate by the lies told in the video and in the process dupe the unsuspecting victims of their money.
  • The True Identity of the West African Slaves PT 1
    04 Nov
    Written by Mawuli in Mawuli's Blog
    The True Identity of the West African Slaves PT 1

    This is an introduction to articles on black history, in which I will show without any shadow of doubt, the true identity of African-Americans and black people from theCaribbean by revealing the identity of their ancestors who originated from West Africa.

    About three hundred years ago during the Trans Atlantic Trade many black people were uprooted from West Africa and taken as slaves to the Americas. Since then, their descendants in the Caribbean and in both North and South America, have not stopped searching for their roots. These black people have wondered about the slave trade, why it happened and which people they belong to in Africa. Because of this gap in their black history, descendants of the slaves who are conscious of their identity have worried about their true identity for the longest time.

  • The Blame Game Black People Play
    23 Sep
    Written by Mawuli in Mawuli's Blog
    The Blame Game Black People Play

    Some black people will tell you there is nothing wrong with the black race. These will swear everything is fine with black people around the world. Therefore, despite the many shocking images in the media of the terrible conditions of black people around the world. These people still claim; non-black people suffer the same problems. Despite the fact when challenged to show proof, they never show any white peoples' countries with the grinding poverty, the squalor and the degradation that is a common sight with black countries.


  How will you describe the clip shown on this site from the movie: ROOTS? Did you see the breaking of a young man or did you discern something more sinister was going on?
   If all you saw was Kunta Kinte being stripped of his identity, you are absolutely right. However, it went beyond that. Kunta Kinte like many UPROOTED out of their home in Africa and taken to a foreign land, was in a desperate struggle to maintain his ROOTS to his homeland. His root was his identity and it mattered to him and what you are witnessing was his desperate struggle not to forget those roots. Not knowing one's history can cause people to have a lower opinion of themselves. Knowledge of the past is what creates self-worth in people. Kunta Kinti had this self worth because he knew his past - his history. Thus the whipping scene is the attempt by his new masters to strip him off his past. By denying him his past, his self-worth is removed. The sad thing is, slavery succeeded in doing this to millions of black people. Once people lose their self-worth, they stay that way and pass on this sense of worthlessness to their descendants and cause them to suffer from self-esteem problems. The only way to counter this crime is to teach our people their history. By doing so it raises awareness of who we are and our self worth.
  Why doesn't he just let go and embrace his new identity? Why does his identity matter that much to make him undergo such great suffering in his effort to keep it? And for that matter, on a general note, what is the big deal about clinging on to our roots?
  It is like a tree without roots. Without the roots the tree has no future. Without roots, such a tree  will not flourish either. This means descendants of such a tree without roots can only expect a bleak future of despair and suffering. That is what happens when you lose your identity. You lose much of your history of who you are. 

The value of knowing your true identity is that it gives purpose to your life.

In addition, Man can starve from a lack of self-realisation as much as from a lack of bread. Just as starving from lack of bread can kill you. Likewise a people/nation forgets its past does so at its own peril. Because they are bound to repeat disastrous mistakes of the past.

The following is from a quote from Dr Clark about the importance of knowing ones roots. He said: "History is a clock people use to tell their historical culture and political time of the day. It's a compass that people use to find themselves on the map of human geography. The history tells them where they have been, where they are and what they are. But most importantly history tells a people where they still must go and what they still must be" Dr. John Henrik Clarke

  Is there any hope of rectifying this loss in knowing our true identity?
  Yes. That is what this book is all about. It tells black people of their real identity. However, it does more than that. It shows the reason for black peoples' sufferings and what needs to be done to bring it to an end.

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