The Blame Game Black People Play

23 Sep
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Some black people will tell you there is nothing wrong with the black race. These will swear everything is fine with black people around the world. Therefore, despite the many shocking images in the media of the terrible conditions of black people around the world. These people still claim; non-black people suffer the same problems. Despite the fact when challenged to show proof, they never show any white peoples' countries with the grinding poverty, the squalor and the degradation that is a common sight with black countries.

The reason these ones hold this view is usually due to the fact, they are not doing badly in life as compared to the suffering  of masses of black people around the world. In effect, these people are like Ostriches with their heads buried in the sand and pretend there is nothing wrong even though the sky is literally falling on the black race worldwide. Thus, these black people who seek to divert attention from the obvious, are undeniably the most EVIL wolves in sheep clothing, the black race has to live with.

However, apart from the Ostrich group that pretends all is well with the black race. There is another group in denial as well but they are not that obvious and thus just as dangerous. These are well meaning but misguided black people who blame white people for all that has gone wrong with black people. To these, the actions of white people are the reasons for black peoples' lack of development and progress. The way these look at it. When white people stop their discriminatory practices against the black race, then black people’s development would take off.

However, that position does not explain why despite having total control over huge mineral and natural wealth, Africa is still failing. In Africa, no one dictates or discriminates against the black man neither does anyone control the way he manages his vast wealth. Nevertheless, the Africans fail miserably at most of what they put their hand to. Non-Africans come to Africa and make fortunes for themselves by simply tapping into the natural-wealth of the continent. In contrast, when the black man tries his hand, he or she falls at the first hurdle. With these facts in mind, I guess, blaming others for the black man’s failing is a way of coping with the many problems of the black world. It is a form of escapism by pointing to other races as the reason black people are at the bottom in everything no matter how hard we try.

 In my latest book: The Call To The Hebrews, you are not going to read about any excuses; neither is there any sidestepping of the problems. What you will not see is the same old and tired blame-game some so-called black leaders engage in but in the end have nothing to show for that ends our suffering.  This book doesn't go down this route because, the problems black people face, is not the fault of others as many have falsely come to believe.

Contrary to what you have believed in the past, the under-development of the black world is not because other races hold us back. That is just a simplistic blame game some misguided black people like to play. In fact, the notion of other people holding us back is insulting to over a billion African people managing their own affairs in Africa. It's insulting because, if we say others hamper our development and progress, then we are admitting we are not smart. If we are intelligent like everybody else, how can our peers outsmart us? Surely, we can’ be that clever if other people elsewhere in the world always outwit us in everything we do and gain ascendancy over us.

That last statement in itself throws out another question; “If we accept, we are not smart like those who hold back our development, then the question is; why are we not as smart as those who outwit us? Don’t we have black people who are just as educated and clever as the ones we are accusing of outsmarting us?”

You can you see by these questions, blaming others for our lack of progress implies black people are inferior. That suggestion is insulting. Think about this. If somebody or something is holding you down, and if through some means you removed what is holding you down. You should be able to rise back on your feet: shouldn’t you? When we apply that principle to the black race, you should see how ridiculous this blame game is. That accusation made sense, when other races held us back during the times of colonialism and slavery. However, when those people stopped doing so by ending slavery and colonization, there was no further excuse. We should rise back up on our feet. That is just logical. However, as you and I well know, that is not the case. Those who held us down during some time in our history have stopped doing so. Nevertheless, we still cannot get back on our feet despite our best efforts. Now, why is that? This should tell you there is more going on than one can easily make out. To find out more, get your copy of the book; The Call To The Hebrews




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