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11 Sep
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As a black person, undoubtedly you are aware that all is not well with the black race. You may have also wondered why black people wherever you find them on this planet never do well as other races. For example, wherever you find black people, whether in Africa, in the Americas, Europe or the Caribbean, they are usually at the bottom of everything going on. Be it politically, socially or economically, the Blackman is failing while others succeed. Black people hold the monopoly on poverty and suffering in the world. Black countries are usually the most poorest, uneducated, diseased, and undeveloped places on planet Earth. The problems facing black countries and their people are on display for the rest of the world to see, and that is the fact.

On progress and development, black countries stand in stark contrast to white countries. The nonblack countries for some unexplained reason do not have and suffer from as many problems as their black counterparts.

Apart from the many Politico-socio-economic problems, people around the world don’t like black people. Anywhere you travel to on this planet; the locals have problems with black people living among them. They do not mind the other races they live with. A black person living among them is a different matter. Whenever the occasion arises for the natives to vent their resentment for foreigners, the black people among them are always the main target for their anger. When we talk about racism it is mainly to do with how other races hate and discriminate against black people.

Even in the black community, the story isn’t any better. Black people aren’t any kinder to themselves in their own countries. In the Americas and the Caribbean, black on black crime, is endemic. In a news article published in the BBC Caribbean on 3rd January 2006, people around the world put Jamaica as the murder capital of the world. This was after 2005 saw more than 1600 people killed; a tally of at least five murders a day.

In Africa, they have tribalism. You may have heard about the Rwanda massacre. This case involved the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups in Rwanda. The Hutu, with genocide in mind, went after, and within three months, massacred nearly a million Tutsis, who were their fellow black brothers! That was tribalism at work, but Rwanda is not an isolated case. All over the African continent, the problem with tribalism is an everyday hazard.

As if the problem is not bad enough, black people living in Western countries have developed a special attraction for the criminal justice system. Instead of engaging in projects that would improve their lot, many of the youths are languishing in jail.

For example, in the USA, out of a population of 40 million black people, over one million are under lockup. In South America and across the Caribbean the problem is just as bad. It is even more depressing when one considers the prison conditions in which our brothers languish.

During the slave trade, on the slave ships, which carried millions of black people from Africa to the Americas, slaves packed together, were like tinned-sardines with no space to move. This was pure hell on Earth during the journey for those slaves. What you may not know or be aware of, are those hellish conditions exist today in prisons in South America. However, the astonishing truth is, these living hellholes attract black people in their thousands who make it their home.

For example, in a country like Brazil, the conditions in the Prisons are shocking. The overcrowding in the jails is so severe there is hardly any room to move. Cells built to hold four people overflow with 30 or more prisoners, who have to rotate to sleep. “Think about that for a minute!” This can mean detainees with a contagious disease mix freely with other prisoners and easily pass their sicknesses on to them.

Even so, overcrowding is not the only problem. The Prisons offer little sanitation, and inmates defecate in plastic bags or bottles in front of their fellow inmates. Imagine going to the toilet close to someone. Nothing could be more dehumanizing. Contrast that to the condition on the slave ships. You’d find there is no difference at all. The ancestors of these, on those slave ships may not have been willing participants in whatever hell they had to suffer. However, it is a different argument for their descendants languishing in these prison hellholes. Being in these places is more a matter of life choices than a case of war or kidnapping that ends in the cargo-hold of a slave ship. Granted some people may be in prison because of the miscarriages of justice but these would be a small minority. The greater number of these black prisoners undergoing this misery made choices that put them in these hellholes.

Back in the black homeland, Africa, it must be something in the water we drink or the food we eat. Because despite the continent is overflowing with natural and mineral wealth, the continent remains the poorest place in the world.

In the late 1950’s and early 60’s, almost all African countries achieved their independence from the colonial rule, and have since managed their own affairs. So rightfully you may have wondered given the wealth of the land, why the people despite their best efforts never did as well as the white colonial masters they replaced.

The sad truth is, all the African countries that won their independence from the colonial rule simply went into decline. Within a short period of winning their independence, dark clouds overshadowed the land. Overtime, the economies collapsed, poverty, corruption war, and so on, overtook the African continent. Where once there was hope, now there is despair sweeping across the land. As you can see, the black race does indeed cut out as a poor pathetic member of the human race. Some have even been bold enough to label the black person inferior to the rest of humankind.

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