11 Sep
Published in Mawuli's Blog

As a black person, undoubtedly you are aware that all is not well with the black race. You may have also wondered why black people wherever you find them on this planet never do well as other races. For example, wherever you find black people, whether in Africa, in the Americas, Europe or the Caribbean, they are usually at the bottom of everything going on. Be it politically, socially or economically, the Blackman is failing while others succeed. Black people hold the monopoly on poverty and suffering in the world. Black countries are usually the most poorest, uneducated, diseased, and undeveloped places on planet Earth. The problems facing black countries and their people are on display for the rest of the world to see, and that is the fact.

20 Sep
Published in Mawuli's Blog

Most people have only heard of the ten commandments. But in truth more than the ten commandments took place at Mount Sinai. Read below what was to befall the descendants of the Hebrews if they broke the covenant their ancestors had undertaken and agreed to at the mount. 

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